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About Our Wines and Retail Pricing.

These all include a 7.25% tax. If you wish to purchase wines off this list please give me a call. I'll figure out the UPS shipping and get you a total. I'll need a credit card to call in the order to ship and the shipping address along with at least four bottles of wine to purchase.

White - Dry
Chardonnay - Smooth dry non-oaked

  • Danielle says there's nothing like a glass of chardonnay with popcorn $14

Frontenac Gris - Light peachy color and taste 

  • A handcrafted fruity dry wine fermented of grapes grown on the estate of Dennis and Danielle Smith. Our first Estate Wine $16 (sold out till late spring 2016) $16

Pinot Grigio - A deliciously light white wine

  • with tastes of berries and apples. $14

Sauvignon Blanc​ - A light bodied smooth white

  • With a citrus nose $14

White - Medium
Riesling - German style balance   

  • A crisp medium taste $14
  • Silver award winner 2015

Riesling 2015 - ​a light German style balance

  • a medium fruity flavor $16
  • Double Gold award winner 2016

White - Sweet
Niagara - Hints of citrus,

  • a refreshing taste $12 

Gewurztraminer -  Delicately sweet,

  • light with hints of mango $14

Hillbilly Sweet Tea - Yes! It's sweet tea with a kick. Raspberry added....

  • Fermented tea (made from Tea Leaves).  $12

Red - Dry
Cabernet Sauvignon - Smooth dry red with hints of raspberries

  • A great wine for any occasion. $14

Merlot - Distinct character.

  • A great pairing with steak on the grill. $14

Petite Sirah - Full bodied Dry Red

  • hints of Chocolate! $14

Crooked House - a smooth dry red

  • A light chocolate nose $14

Carmenere -​ A red dry

  • hints of chocolate and light fruits $14

Red - Medium - Medium

Sangiovese - a smooth slightly sweet red wine  $14

​Cabernet Franc ​- it's back!

  • A smooth medium dry red
  • with hints of plum $14

Red - Sweet
Simply Sweet- An American sweet wine favorite for generations-

  • Concord grapes $12

The Locals - Made from grapes of local families,

  • a best seller - mixture of around 6 different grapes $12 
  • What is The locals? We had 4 families in Huron county donate their grapes to us to make this unique blend.   We're excited to offer this fantastic wine and we think you'll love the taste. 

Maple City -Norwalk is the Maple City

  • A nice balance of Niagara and Concord grapes $12

Fruit - Sweet
Cupid - Raspberry delight

  • A unique balance of two blends $14

Pumpkin - Pumpkin never tasted so good.

  • Great with food (vanilla ice cream is a favorite!) $14

Apple - Cinn - Tastes just like your grandma's apple pie.

  • Our first Gold Winner at Ohio Wine Competition!  $14 
  • Award winner 2016

Cranberry - Clean refreshing taste,

  • not too tart. $14

Strawberry - Very berry Strawberry.

  • Simply delicious! $14

Sangria - Yes, bottled Sangria!!

  • Several fruits make this an enjoyable beverage! $12
  • Award winner 2016

Peach - yes tastes just like a peach!

  • Light and fruity  $14
  • Award winner 2016

Cherry - yummm

  • A nice crisp cherry flavor   $14

He Said She Said - hm wonder what that is?

  • You guessed it! we're not sure! Try it, what do you think?
  • Intended to be a funny...we bought one juice but seems to be another.
  • Delicious flavor! $14

Hillbilly Watermelon

  • ​Tastes like watermelon! $14

All prices per bottle include tax
Get a 10 % discount on any mixed case ( 12 bottles ) of wine
Wine Tastings are one 1 oz servings for $1.00 or a try of 6 -1 oz for $5