Floating Thermometer - once you have must in bucket you can float this into the bucket to ensure your temps remain where you need them to be.

One-Step Cleanser - Requires no rinsing. Just wash in solution and you're ready. Perfect for cleaning glass bottles, jugs and carboys. Also safe for sanitizing aluminum, stainless steel, other metals and plastics. Sanitize your spoons, hoses, hydrometers and other equipment--even counter tops. Cleans with environmentally-safe oxygen. Contains no chlorine. bisulfite, organic compounds or phosphates. Use 1 tablespoon to each gallon of water.

Acid Test Kit  to determine the acidity level of a must before fermentation and again at bottling time.

Bung with hole for 5 gallon or 6 gallon carboy

Air lock. Goes in the top of your carboy with a bung to keep air out of your carboy but allows the gases out as it ferments

Large bung without hole for 15 gallon demi-john

Wine Making Supplies  We can ship these to you + UPS or you can stop by!

Citric Acid is the primary acid found in fruits such as oranges, lemons and pineapples. It is typically used in wines that are naturally lacking in acid.

Tartaric Acid is the primary acid found in fruits such as grapes, raisins and sultanas. It is typically used in wines that are naturally lacking in acid. Wines too low in acid are flat tasting. Tartaric Acid adds a liveliness to the wine and helps to bring out it`s fruity flavors. Also, having the proper level of acidity will help to establish a vigorous fermentation. Before you add any acid to a wine you should first check its acid level with pH Strips or a Acid Test Kit.

Bottle Filling /

Siphoning Kit

Jumbo coarse Straining Bag

D & D Smith Winery LLC

Pectic Enzyme -

recommended for all fresh fruit wines. Add the Pectic Enzyme to the juice prior to the fermentation process in order to enhance the clarification process. It destroys haze-causing pectin cells that can leave a wine with a permanent milky appearance known as a “pectin haze”. You can also add to crushed fruit to increase the extraction of body and color from the pulp during the primary fermentation and pressing. All fruits have pectin and it’s the milky gel that holds a fruit’s fiber together, trapping the fruit’s character within.

Potassium Sorbate Used to stop the fermentation